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Arena - Moviedrome - текст песни, видео

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Arena - Moviedrome - текст песни, видео

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Stay down! Like a shadow in a hallway 

Watching all the blues and greens 

As I hide from the glare of the monitor screen 

Run fast! Like a shadow in a subway 

Try to remain unseen 

As I hide from the glare of the T.V. screen 

We're all sucked in 

Part of the core collective 

We're all dragged in 

Blind to the cause we've been selected for....Elected for 

Stand still! Like a ghost in the Firewall 

Watching all the blues and greens 

As I listen to the rhythm of the fax machine 

What will I be when winter comes again? 

And we're wrapped in furs, and life has begun again 

And it hurts to be away from you 

From the world you made so well 

What will I be when the summer comes once more? 

And we're naked and weak in the eye of the sun once more 

We're all sucked in 

'Leave it on the net' demands the optimist 

'No room for slaves to high tech reform' 

Maybe there's a way to save the pessimist 

He could make it to the hills and ride out the storm 

'Formulas are set' declares the analyst 

'This is the road for everyone' 

Maybe we can hide, continue to exist 

With a crate of bottled water and a sawn off shot gun 

Try to survive - Don't look into his eyes 

Try to stay alive - Don't look into his dead dead eyes 

You can send me codes 

From the safety of a chat room 

In your grey ether clothes 

I have looked into your soul 

Looked into your soul! 

I'm sitting with my head in the radiogram 

Waiting for some sign of a ghost or a little green man 

Glued to the glowing of a sun behind the plastic hood 

And the bass heavy tones 

That ooze from the pores in the wood 

Oh no.... I can't go there again 

Oh no..... Was this ever meant to be? 

I'm sitting on the floor with the book in my hand 

Dreaming of the world in a way that only children can 

And I listen for the emanating sounds from the hidden choirs 

The message in the radiant valves and red hot wires 

Oh no.... I can't go there again 

Oh no..... Was this ever meant to be? 

To think it has come to this 

Ruled by indifference 

Underlying waves of doubt 

Such arrogant self reliance 

Too far we have travelled out 

Nervous in our sentience 

Ordinary people 

Objects and events 

Now is a time of foolish fears 

Emotions run high and needless tears are shed 

He has the face of a friend 

And shall reach across the world into every home 

We invite him in and offer no defence 

And with every given soul he reaches for his throne 

He has the face of an Angel 

As he leads us in the dance 

Until we find ourselves......alone! 

So we're standing in the Moviedrome 

Staring at the shadows and the falling lights 

Prisoners forever in the Moviedrome 

Letting all the pictures be the 

Guide to our fragile lives 

Did we ever really learn? 

Did we never really learn? 

The human race has found it's own true home 

The dwelling places of these high tech lies 

The few that see the world beyond the Moviedrome 

Must march on through the wilderness 

Of fantasy, False images, And pride
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