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Arab Strap - Dream Sequence - таба, видео

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Arab Strap - Dream Sequence - таба, видео

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Dream Sequence - Arab Strap
Tabbed by Adam Carrington (Glasgow)

It's cliche but this is my first tab. I love Arab Strap.

Key of C

This is the piano riff:

E|----------------|----------|  |------------------------------------------|
B|----------------|----4-6---|  |-------------------4-6-------4-6--------4-|
D|----------5-----|----------|  |---------5--------------------------------|
A|----------------|----------|  |------------------------------------------|
E|----------------|----------|  |------------------------------------------|

*play Cs and A#s as 'A' shape barres and the Fs and the Gs as 'E' shape barres*

Verse 1

C            A#
Give me your jibberish tonight
And talk to me with your eyes shut
Make me giggle in your sleep
F         G
And I can dream that you're a slut

And when I wake up stiff please
Just feel free to use me
Them go to work and let me wonder
What it was that made you choose me

Instrumenal chorus

*play the piano riff*
*...or these chords as 'A' shape barres*

C, A#
C, A#
C, C#
D#, A#

Verse 2


Verse 3

*just play the root notes to the chords*
C, A# x7
G, F

Final Chorus
C                  A#             C             A#
There's no better journey than me on my way to you
C                  C#               D#              A#
Sitting there all smug knowing what we might get up to
And one day we'll be idle and we'll both be past our peak
So until then all we can do is master our technique
So lets sleep...


I think Malcolm's guitar is playing the chorus chords as D shape barre chords up the 
I play it like so:

E|-x-x-x-x---x--x--x--x--x--x--x-    x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--|
B|-13-13-13--11-11-11-11-11-11-11 x2 13-13-13-13-14-14-14-14-17-17-17-17-11-|
G|-12-12-12--10-10-10-10-10-10-10    12-12-12-12-13-13-13-13-16-16-16-16-10-|
D|-x-x-x-x---x--x--x--x--x--x--x-    x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--x--|
A|-------------------------------    ---------------------------------------|
E|-------------------------------    ---------------------------------------|

for the ending, play the piano riff an octave up the neck, so repeat the pattern 
with the 17th fret on the G string.

I hope you find this tab useful. theres lots of space in this song, so learn your C 
scale and let loose a bit, especially at the end. maybe a cheeky wah...

Добавлено: 28.06.2012
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