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Apathy - Every Emcee - текст песни, видео

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Apathy - Every Emcee - текст песни, видео

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(feat. Rise)

[Verse 1: Apathy]

I feel energetic enough to jettison right off the planet

Come back down to Earth and splash in the Atlantic

Deeper than Atlantis and navigating the Nautilus

Im areonautic as NASA with data of astrologists

You can't swallow this I'll never be eaten

Defeated a beatin as long as I'm breathin I'm never retreatin

The street sweepin' heat seekin' beat freakin' deep being 

Got you weak creeps fleeing if you caught sleepin'

I slaughter slice saute' slay dice mics

Display nice tight lyrics whenever I recite

I damage your physical whether minumum or maximum

Spinnin em and spittin at em till my raps platinum

Pluck platinum plaques from walls 

And fuckin smash em into pieces so small

A microscope couldnt pack em in

I back em into corners from powerful forces

Devour thier corpses and carve em with corkscrews

Force crews to lose when I nail em like horseshoes

Better pay dues cuz I spray dudes

Like Jeru's mind with rhymes so ahead of my time

8 planets rotate around the Earth instead of nine

Cuz I destroyed the Earth with a verse in the past

Which is now the present time so prepare for the blast

When it's all said and done all the emcee's is smashed

The Demigodz land as the last in they class

[Chorus x4]

Yo I'm every emcee

It's all of me 

That's the way it is 

Way it's gotta be

[Verse 2: Rise]

Every emcee can't match how I done this the wickedest flow

I'll be 90 with a young chick that's with me for dough

So fat I got a T-Shirt that's hanging as a curtain

And when they said your nice they meant only as a person

For certain you need someone to yell at ya crew

When me an Ap connect we make green like yellow and blue

Please tell me the truth you wish ya felony's true

Cuz you that kid in the class that kept smellin the glue

But I'm a rational cat I make insane choices

Rise I kill wack rappers and blame voices

They useless like my card when it's maxed out

I talk shit and throw stones at a glass house

I be loved by classy women and floozy's

Crowds love me like game like Lucy

I write loosely It's been a while I been raw

We started something you don't know what you in for

Rise'll make you practice wish you had tactics to match this

Talkin to myself in my ad libs

Access new you aint heard us before

The same name as the Germans in war

They wouldnt let us through the door so we came through the floor

Cut a hole throught the ceiling with the use of a saw

Now girls stare but alot of they heads are filled with air

Easy like the first question on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"

Yeah the same girls denying em sex

Find out you signing some checks will have you signing they breasts

A foul cheater I tell wifey how much I need her 

Then I sleep with your girl and blame it on the way you treat her

Make her leave you than leave her in pain from the lies

She tatooed my rap name than I changed it to Rise

Access and Demigodz 2 cliques from above

We roll deep our cliques thicker than Mother Love

[Chorus x8]
Добавлено: 05.07.2012
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