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Antje Duvekot - Dandelion - таба, видео

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Antje Duvekot - Dandelion - таба, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Dandelion -- Antje Duvekot (tab by Travis,
CAPO VII (Deomo-esque version) or VIII (Boys, Flowers, Miles)
Intro: G5, G4 x2 (see p. 2)

When Harry met Sally, it was settled               G4, G5
That Mary Jane would fall for Spiderman            Am7, G5
Their story was set in stone like Tarzan & Jane    Am7, Em7
Yoko & John                                        C2, Dsus/F#

You were like my Hollywood movie                   C9, G
Butterflies-in-Central-Park kiss                   C9, G
Of course you would pursue me I was Julia Roberts  C9, Em*
I mean, how could you resist?                      C2, Dsus/F#

Chorus (2 beats per chord)
I am the Fourth of July                   G-G/F-C9-C9
Throwing you a fire in the sky            G-G/F-Em7-Em7
You could go blind in my light            Em-Dsus/F#-C9-C9
But you were looking for an orchid        C-Dsus/F#- C9-C9
And I will always be...                   Dsus/F# x4 (w/ hammer-on)
your dandeli--on. A dandelion.            G-C9 x2

So I put on the best of my Warhols                  C9, G            
I could have been your Marilyn Monroe               C9, G
But you had only eyes for the Mona Lisa             C9, Em*
You shared my cab ride all the way home             C2, Dsus/F#

Chorus (then lead into bridge:)

I am a middle-class home        Am
I am a worn-out banjo           Em
I've never danced in Swan Lake  D/F#
I've never played the cello     G/F#?
I am the Northern Lights        C
I am invisible                  G
I am your dandelion             D/F#
I am forever wild               Dsus/F#

Chorus (cut to 3rd chorus ending before last line:
       (You were looking for a tealight      C-Dsus/F#- C9-C9
       (And I will always be...              Dsus/F# x4 (w/ hammer-on)
       (Your forest fi--re... a dandelion    G, C9
       (A dandeli--on... x3                  G, C9

End Em*-D/F#-C9 x2

Dandelion -- Antje Duvekot (p. 2) Capo VII or VIII

Intro; off-beat style identical to rest of song
 G5              G4
---33--33--33--33--11--11--11--11--  Repeat once before first verse
 G4              G5                   Am7             G5
---33--33--33--33--33--33--33--33--   --33--33--33--33--33--33--33--33--|
---11--11--11--11--33--33--33--33--   --11--11--11--11--33--33--33--33--| 
---00--00--00--00--00--00--00--00--   --00--00--00--00--00--00--00--00--|
-00000000000000000000000000000000--   22222222222222220000000000000000--|
-----------------------------------   ----------------------------------|
-----------------------------------   ----------------------------------|
When Harry met Sally it was settled    That Mary Jane would fall for Spiderman

 Am7               Em7                  C2             Dsus/F#
---33--33--33--33--33--33--33--33--   --33--33--33--33--33--33--33--33--|
---11--11--11--11--33--33--33--33--   --33--33--33--33--33--33--33--33--| 
---00--00--00--00--00--00--00--00--   --00--00--00--00--22--22--22--22--|
-2222222222222222--00000000000000--   --00--00--00--00--00--00--00--00--|
-----------------0h22222222222222--   2h33333333333333--00--00--00--00--|
-----------------------------------   ----------------2222222222222222--|
Their story...     Tarzan & Jane,       Yoko and John

Repeat pattern with second verse lyrics, chorus, and bridge.

C9=032033 (with pull-offs on D-string in Chorus)
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