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Antischism - Greedy Bastards - аккорды и текст, видео

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Antischism - Greedy Bastards - аккорды и текст, видео

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Greedy Bastards
      Greedy Bastards
      by Antischism
      From the Still Life LP
      Tabbed by Aleksandr Scam
      Bass intro:

      F#5 E5 G5
      Let not another tree fall in the name of greed!
      Not one more tribe "civilized" for lust of money!
      G5 C#5 G#5
      Not one more species forced extinct to fill the pockets of
      the scum
      who would turn something so magestic into just another slum!
      First ending:
      D5 A#5 C#5 A5
      No! The greedy bastard will not be satisfied
      Until every tree has been cut down and every animal has died

      Second ending:
      D5 A#5 C#5 A5
      Before every inch of forest is covered with concrete
      extreme measures must be taken, so let's fuck up their
      F#5 E5 G5
      Greedy Bastards! (X4)


      E5 B5 A#5 C#5 C5
      Every dozer that we get costs them thousands to replace!
      And every truck that we fuck up is another loss that they
      must take!
      When the logging road is blockaded, the fuckers can't get
      And when the trees have all been spiked, the message sent is

      [repeat verse, with this ending:]
      D5 A#5 C#5 A5
      But the spirit of the wilds lives on yearning for the day
      when we rid the land of those who scheme to lay nature to
      end on E5

lyrics used by permission of the artist
Добавлено: 18.09.2013
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