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Animals - Story of bo Diddley - текст песни, видео

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Animals - Story of bo Diddley - текст песни, видео

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Now listen here to the story of Bo Diddley
The rock 'n roll scene in general
Bo Diddley was born Ellis McDaniels
In a place called McCoom
In Mississippi about 1926
He moved to Chicago about 1938
Where his name was eventually changed to Bo Diddley
He practised the guitar every day and sometimes into the night
'till his papa's hair began to turn white
His pa said "Son, listen here, I know"
"You can stay but, uh, that guitar's just got to go"
So he pulled his hat down over his eyes
And headed on out for them western skies
I think Bob Dylan said that
He hit New York City
He began to play the Apollo in Harlem
Good scene there
Everybody raved
One day, one night
Came a Cadillac, four headlights
Came a man with a big long fat cigar
He said "Come here son, I'm going to make you a star"
Bo Diddley said "Uh, what's in it for me?"
The man said "Uh, shut your mouth son and play the guitar"
"and you just wait and see"
Well, Bo made it, he made it real big
And so did the rest of the Rock 'n Roll scene along with him
And a white guy called Johnny Otis took Bo Diddley's rhythm
And changed into hand jive
And it went like this:

In a little old country town one day
A little old country man begin to play
Had two guitars and a beat-up saxophone
When the drummer said ??? those cats begin to ???

Oh baby, oooo we oh oh
Oooo la la that rock 'n roll
You hear me, oooo we oh oh
Oooo la la that rock 'n roll

Then the U.S. music scene, there was big changes made
Due to circumstances beyond our control
Such as payola
The rock 'n roll scene died after two years of solid rock
You got discs like, uh:
Take good care of my baby
Добавлено: 08.06.2012
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