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Animal Collective - Wide Eyed - аккорды и текст, видео

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Animal Collective - Wide Eyed - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы: Animal Collective

Wide Eyed
Animal Collective
Got this from another web site, I know the lyrics aren't right (pretty sure 
they're not lol) but here is the Chords to Wide Eyed 

Tiny words I dream by
F#7 F#
Falling lights in the night
Skipping behind's got no pride contained
E F#7
from our hands, with our words, all right
E E F#
How she's not afraid of doubt, oh god, I think she's frayed 
F#7 F# F#7
She tried, divine in the whiter light but in the end, just she's afraid
F# BM7
she started blushing, over my name, 
F#7 F#
and if the rhythm forgot I was slow, speaking of its pace, 
B B9 F#
'cause I'm falling out of doubt and watching him smile
F#9 F#7
Well, it's better than taking off, living with these chains
F# F#
now I must keep holding on, oh god, I hope I hold 
E F#7 F#
I know it's estranged, just holding high, but I fear my strains are strange
E F# E F#
and I've changed my mind, I've changed my mind
F# F#7 F#
What's a change for the better---AH? I though you could catch how to cry
F# E F#
paralyzed by his anger, he'll survive but he won't exchange
F#7 B9 F#
How are all these doubts, and what are all these doubts, hey!
E F#7 F#
Seeing your eyes when I'm holding fast, but all I hear is doubts
F# BM7
only my choice, see a rose, biting its stem
F#9 F#7
well it's better than straining now, I'm trying to say yes!
B B9 F# 
but I'm higher in my house seeing your motherly smile
E F#7
but you're sleeping so far away, just be with me inside
E F#
now that I am waiting, oh god, I hope I'm waiting
F#7 B F#7
we're overwhelmed and miles apart, and less afraid of change!
E C# F#7
Change! Change, in my mind!
E C# F#7
Finally what's sure, is not lost in my mind, I know I can try
E C# minor F#
Seeing your eyes, but who would I show, knowing (I've lied x4)
Know why, know why, i'm wide eyed, i'm wide eyed, etc. fade ou 
Добавлено: 13.10.2013
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