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Andy Shauf - Hometown Hero - аккорды и текст, видео

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Andy Shauf - Hometown Hero - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hometown Hero
Andy Shauf
I only heard the song tonight so ignore the errors. The chords sound kind of correct to
me, but I couldn't work out the intro so that's almost certainly messed up. Put a capo
on the third fret with standard tuning, and ignore the chord names. The chords 
eventually repeat with minor variations.

Leave comments if there are any mistakes, or even better submit a new copy. :)

Tab by: Seb Insua (

** Capo on the 3rd fret **


   C  E  Am  Am/G  F7  G11no5
C6/G  C7M/B    F  G  Gadd4

C        E    Am          Am/G
hometown hero flexing his charm
       F7                     G11no5
with a borderline joke to the guys at the bar,
         C6/G       C7M/B  
Am       C6/G      (F     G)
and they slap their knees like they've not heard it before.
C           E         Am          Am/G
thirty-five years old wearing his badge,
F7                       G11no5
nickname for life on the shoulder of his bomber
        C6/G         C7M/B        Am
  Gadd4   F
that he wears as the coach of the high school team.

   C6/G       G11no5
he lights his cigarette
          C6/G       E           Am      Am/G
and says, "man these things will kill me someday"
F                          G
raises his glass and says, "here's to hoping"

hometown hero flexing his arm
with a five-yard pass to the end of the bar
he says, "I'll be right back I'm just gonna go grab another pack."

walks one block to the all-night station
and steps into a situation.
there's a man with a gun pointed at the nervous clerk.

and before he could think,
he was tackling the gunman
who hit his head and was knocked unconscious.

the clerk relieved said, "oh my god
you're a hero man and you should stick around
'til the cops get here, maybe you'll make the morning news."

but the hometown hero rose to hit feet,
tossed him the gun and said, "thanks, but I've gotta run
I'll take a pack of camel lights and be on my way."

he stepped outside the door,
heard the sirens in the distance
lit his cigarette
and said, "man these things will kill me someday"
exhaled smoke and said, "here's to hoping"
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