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Andy Babb And The Big Beautiful Band - Feelin All Right - аккорды и текст

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Andy Babb And The Big Beautiful Band - Feelin All Right - аккорды и текст

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Feelin All Right
Andy Babb And The Big Beautiful Band

Intro:          D       A       Bm      A       G       A!A!

        D                     A
I am headin, out to california
             Bm     A       D
With my moto, cycle in tow
             D              A
I got my 6 string riding shotgun
                   Bm       A              D
And lord I'm grinnin' from head to toe
Then an old men asked me
"Where ya' headin' with that load"
I said "I wish I could tell ya' brotha'
but the truth is I don't know"

                D                       A
 I'm looking for love, I'm lookin for life
                                Bm                           A                                G      A
I'm looking for that deeper meaning to break the glass ceiling,  Iiiiii
                       D                         A
I'm lookin for love, I'm lookin for life,
                      Bm                            A
I'm lookin for that new sensation, that old libation
        G               A! A!                   D
a new occupation of           feelin alright

verse 2 D                               A
        I am chasin' that dream of old  Bob Dylan
              Bm                A               D
        Im ridin' on the wave of pure ambition
                        D                       A
        That bird of youth, will soon fly away and pass me by
                G!    G! (pause)                   A!   A!  A!   A!    A!  A!  A!               
        I'ma breath in salty ocean air I'ma reach all the way to the sky (triplets)
                                TO CHORUS

Bridge    Bm                            A               
        I don't care, Anythings better than before
                Em              D
        I don't care I cannot live a lie
        Bm                                      A
        I know that I'll find out the secret I am lookin for
        Em                                    A
        If I turned around now part of me will die

      D! D!                             A!        A!          
I'd rather risk it trying to be the man I was built to be
        G! G!                                           A       
cuz I aint gon die workin for the man in some God damned factory!!

        End tag Bm               A                      
                        Bm               A      
                        G               A!A!                            Feelin' Alright

INTRO OUT               
Добавлено: 20.05.2016
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