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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Human Kittens - аккорды и текст, видео

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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Human Kittens - аккорды и текст, видео

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Human Kittens
Andrew Jackson Jihad
Alright, so the song is originally in the key of G, using the chords G, C, and F.
that order. I have tabbed the song 3 steps higher, in the key of A using the chords A, F#m,
E. This is because I like to sing along (I'm a girl with a voice naturally higher than 
original key), and I don't have a capo at the moment. To play it in the original key,
substitute the chords in the order above. Hope it isn't too confusing! Play well and 
love. This is a great song.

I knew a woman once
giving birth to kittens and mice
       A                        F#m
and as you know their eating habits
          A                        E
Those poor mice had to die
so the kittens were born
full of their brothers and sisters
And they were punished swiftly
           E                         F#m
though they did not know why

A      F#m                     A
They thought they were food
                 F#m                    E
they did not know what they'd done

And I was a person once
sending off unread letters
E                 A
receiving no reply
F#m   A                      F#m
never bothering asking why
I had a heart once
full of fire and passion
            E                     A             F#m
but the summer took it away from me

       A                F#m     A
And autumn has come to retrieve it
A                 F#m     E
autumn has come to retrieve it

And I was a man once
When I was six-years-old
A                           F#m
but now I am just a boy
E                      A             F#m
pretentious and brash and bold
The kittens were murdered
thrown into burlap sacks
and weighted down with rocks
       E      A           F#m
in a river deep and black

A        F#m         A
And they went to Heaven.
A  F#m          E           A
They went to Heaven.
Добавлено: 07.03.2012
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