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Andre Nickatina - Pumped - текст песни, видео

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Andre Nickatina - Pumped - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
queazy, lets get it pumped up in this bitch

get pumped
like we never did before, but we about to turn it up  and try to pimp the show
-i kick raps from the back all the way to the front row, equipto, shag, nas, already got the blunt rolled
fa show, so get the break it down to indo, equipto came through with beno
-now its big blow sesions, hustle with the beat while smoken zig-zag, just a swisha sweet, ima..
keep ridin, till we deep inside ya, who got balls this should remind ya
-ima franchise, right by ur liar, dumb freak divider, fuel for the fire
thank god hisle, now niggas call a siree, to get crunk is ever mc's desire
-a higher mindstate can never stay stuck put the tape in the trunk and blaze skunk like what to get pumped..get pumped
come on lets get pumped up

tear the roof off the motherfucker

everyday of my life i wouldnt change for nothin'
momma said she ashamed becuase i stay blunted
laughing cracker smile wen i do it how i want it
roll the freeway like the indi 500
im 50 zag patterns stay up like an addict
chewy automatics, sticker like a magnet 
the peewee's couldnt hurt the status
i live for situations where i work my magic
im a long-range winner again, its a cut throat industry, whos gonna remain?
see im comen collidin' in the ride that was somethin to change
to you weak ass rappers with nothin to say
paid dues, onterage, for my crew make way
we comen through, aint nothin u can do but back down
we come to council we go without sponsers
hit your town and take over the concert
ready to get pumped

come on, get pumped
come on lets get pumped (get it off the chain)
get pumped
tear  the roof off the mothercuker

when im doin the show i stay pumped
even when i bustle a hoe i stay pumped 
even when im paper chasin my dough i stay pumped
so if i got drama you know i stay pumped
shiett, i get the cross pumped im runnin my mouth,
with this punk ass bitch, tellin to turn this mother out
now im a fiend for high heel pumps and ride cluts,
and bitches that fuck around with junk in they trunk
they get the green buzz, the bodies on nerves, (?)
so lets get this mother off the chain, im bringinthe pain
im losin my brain, makin these niggas insane, thinken the thangs
that neva gonna change, they followin his game,
you'll forever feel pain, my membrane, is tellin me to keep shit crunk
so get outside and get ur ass pumped upp

get pumped
get pumped
come on lets get pumped up
get pumped
come on lets get pumped up

tear the roof off the mother fucker
Добавлено: 09.03.2012
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