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Andre Nickatina - Git Down - текст песни, видео

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Andre Nickatina - Git Down - текст песни, видео

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Git Down

Uh you see im way to aggressive to act embarassed
And im cool with my game and the love we charish
Stay true even if I knock a broad like paris
But I never let her get a day off like ferris
Im a chief then parish like dust and ash
Homie pass me the blunt baby wats tha math
You can add it up pimps and thugs, homies is tatted up
Bounce stay hey only till you had enough
Ima keep it real like a responsibility 
Im known and im prone had the whole world feeling me
Ill burst until its really one and a million
Ill park, spark and im all in the building
C'mon this aint love on a 2 way street
See im Queeze and beleive mayne you aint me 
See its all here and now when im up in your town 
Ill rip the show get the door blow smoke tell hoes get down

You can bounce, shake cuz your all in the flow to get down
You can bounce, shake im telling you sqaures to get down
Get down dont wanna get hurt then get down
Roll up keep filling the cup, gotta get up to get down

We keep on moving mayne raise the states
For the chefs nothing left but to bake to cake
Stop procrastinatin' mayne get it outa the oven
Im hugging my moma tight slap 5 with my cuzin
Its a family thang(fo real)we all gotta get stay tight
Bless on Southwest pray for a safe flight
I couldnt care if you never got my name right 
Its Quipto, Frisco cat living that bay life
You heard about us Westcoast citys
The home of all good for sheez and wats really
Respect and get back dont get back hand silly
We blowing up the Swishy or rolling up to Philly
Im not making it pretty it is what it is
Were just getting fucked in the industry biss.
They all robbing the slang and mimic the sound 
Then they take it and they make it for there own 
Just so they can get down

Bounce, shake and get in my way to get down
Better bounce shake im all in your town to get down
Get down im telling you squares to get down
Roll up keep filling the cup gotta get up to get down
Добавлено: 03.07.2012
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