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Anais Mitchell - Dyin Day - таба, видео

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Anais Mitchell - Dyin Day - таба, видео

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                             DYIN DAY - Anais Mitchell

Tuning: Standard
Capo on 2
Tab relative to Capo

This is repeated throughout the song. If you watch some of Anais's live performances 
you'll notice she improvises the picking a lot but this is the basic structure of it.

Chords: Am, C, G, F,


   F            G

At the end where she repeats 'Everyday a dyin day', Play the F,G sequence 3 times then 
finish with an Am strum.

Be it work or be it rite?
Father, tell me
Brings us to the mountainside
Every day a dying day
Be it work or be it rite
Oh my sweet babe
We come to make a sacrifice
Every day a dying day

Be it ox or be it ram?
Father, tell me
Please the god of Abraham
Every day a dying day
Be it ox or be it ram
Oh my sweet babe
It is the blood of the innocent
Every day a dying day

And who are you to understand
The ways of him who holds the blade?
And who are you to stay the hand
Of him who made you?

Be it ill or be it good?
Father, tell me
Makes you bind me hand and foot
Every day a dying day
Be it ill or be it good
Oh my sweet babe
I am doing as I should
Every day a dying day [x3]
Добавлено: 23.08.2013
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