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Amy Ray - More Pills - аккорды и текст, видео

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Amy Ray - More Pills - аккорды и текст, видео

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More Pills
Amy Ray
                             MORE PILLS (ACOUSTIC)- Amy Ray
Tabbed by: gschramm

Tuning: Standard; no capo

This version of Amy Ray's "More Pills" is from a live acoustic version that can be found on her Noise Trade 
Sampler ( The studio version that appears on her album 
"Goodnight Tender" sounds completely different (it's a country ballad) and has slightly different lyrics and 
includes another repeat of the Chorus at the end of Verse 3. 

A note on playing accents: if you listen to the Noise Trade version of the song, you can hear Amy accent 
certain notes and employ hammer ons throughout the song, as well as a "walk down" from the C to the Am in 
the second line of the Chorus. Instead of tabbing all of that out, just listen to the song and play as 
you like. Most of the accent are played inconsistently anyway.

Chords Used: C       x32010
             Faug    xx3011 (I don't know the proper name of this chord)
             Am      x02210
             F       133211
             Em      022000
             G       320001

 /   slide up
 \   slide down
 h   hammer-on

Intro: C - Faug - Am - x2

Verse 1:

     C        Faug       Am
If I had more pills, I'd take 'em

     C        Faug      Am
If I had more songs to sing

     F    Em      Am
More days for day-breaking

   C        G          C
My heart is aching for you

Verse 2:

     C       Faug        Am
If I had the strength to stay this

     C       Faug    Am
If I had the will to finish

     F      Em     Am
Some way to go the distance

   C        G            C 
My heart is breaking for you


           F            Em 
If I could stand in the river

C           Am
Walk by the sea

F         Em 
Be on the mountain

C               Am
Sleep under the trees

   F            G        Am     
My old song and dance it might stand a chance

   C        G         C 
My heart is aching for you

Solo (begins on the last C in the Chorus)

   C          F         G          C         Am       F     G          Am 

           F         G           C        Am          C       G        C

Verse 3: 

        C        Faug      Am
So when all this world lay dreaming

        C          Faug      Am
And the stars have set their course

          F      Em       Am
How could I ever think of sleeping

   C        G         C 
My heart is breaking for you

          F      Em       Am
How could I ever think of sleeping

   C        G         C 
My heart it wakes for you
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