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Amos Lee - Wind - аккорды и текст, видео

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Amos Lee - Wind - аккорды и текст, видео

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Amos Lee
                             THE WIND – Amos Lee

Tabbed by: Rozy

Super super easy song…listen for the cord progression. I'm sure the cord labels are 
but you get the picture.

Tuning: Normal


C   x32010
C  x30010

Am  x02210
Am x02010

G   320033
G  300033

Okay – Here's the deal.  Slow rhythmic strums during the intro/verse/bridge with a 
single down-stroke accenting each cord change make this sound wicked on acoustic and match 
vocal progression.

Play around with hammer pulls and such on the D string for C and G string for Am at the 
of each to give it some life…actually, you really can't go wrong if you can sing this properly.


C C C   Am Am Am  x2

C   C   C                    Am       Am  Am
Saturday night and my head is spinning
C        C    C               Am          Am  Am
I wonder whose heart I've been sinning for
G      G   G           Am      Am  Am
A cold rain blows on my window
G      G    G            Am  (hold)
A soft scent gone from my pillow

One more step that I've been takin'
Yes and one more heart I don't need no more breakin' of
The red lights how they all burnin' down the highway
I remember when the wind had blown my way

C            G              Am(B)Am    Am (h)Am
But the wind blew down my line
C             G                Am
Yeah the wind blew down my line


Same as Intro

The man on the street each day I'm passin'
A small bite to eat is all he's been askin' for
Cold stares is all he's been yielding
Oh and now I know that empty feeling

C                  G         Am(B)Am    Am (h)Am
Yeah the wind blew down my line
Yeah the wind blew down my line

C                  G            Am
Yeah the wind blew down my line

Do your part...Quit Eating Fish!!!

| B  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
Добавлено: 12.05.2012
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