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Amos Lee - Better Days - аккорды и текст, видео

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Amos Lee - Better Days - аккорды и текст, видео

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Better Days
Amos Lee
Amos Lee just keeps putting out GREAT music.  Off his new album Last Days at the Lodge.

Intro/Verses: [ C - /B – Am – D/F# - G – Gsus4 ] – [ C - /B – Am – D/F# - G – D/F# - Em ]

The darkness has always been
The world was born in to a blanket of sin
And all the faiths been gone
Still we found a reason to carry on


C - /B – Am – D/F# - G – Gsus4 
Through the worry, worry, worry
C - /B – Am – D/F# - G
We're caught in an endless maze
Em			C	
When the lights go out
	D/F#		G
All that I can think about
    C		D/F#		G – Gsus4 – G 
Is how we've seen better days

Lover lately I've been thinking I might leave you
As you're surrounded by these fools who do deceive you
Yes our past is wretched true
But I'm still in love with you
		C			D
(That's why) I am still refusing to give into

(Repeat Chorus “All this…”)

F7M  		C	G
Where do we go from here?
F7M  			C		G	
While we're all so consumed by fear
Well I'm trying not to be suspicious to those
I'm suspicious of 
I'm trying to crack
Open this angry heart
	D – Dsus4 
And find a little love…

(Repeat Chorus “Still I'm…”)

When the lights go out
All that I can dream about 
Is how we've seen better days

Добавлено: 04.03.2012
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