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Among The Thirsty - Completely - аккорды и текст, видео

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Among The Thirsty - Completely - аккорды и текст, видео

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Among The Thirsty

VERSE 1:               

                 C                    Am
I'm feeling so small, standing here weeping
                F                        C
As I'm coming clean of the secrets I'm keeping
C                                                G
I've caused so much pain to the ones I love the most
                 Am                  C              G
And I'm falling apart as I carry my heart to Your throne


Am                   C
I am completely surrendering
F                      G
Finally giving You everything
F                                   C
You're my redeemer, I run to the cross
Am                          G
Because You are more than enough
        Am    C                       G
Lord complete me, 'cause I'm Yours completely

             C                    Am
I'm letting go; there's nothing I own
F                                          C
The treasures I held just weighed down my soul
C                                  G
And there's nothing left inside of me
                  Am                   C                    G                               
But a longing for You and a longing to be the man that You need,


Am                                   C
I let Your gifts take the place of you
 F                                           G
But You pulled up my selfishness from it's roots
Dm                        Am            C                  G                    
I am a broken and fragile me, but I'm where You want me to be. 



         Am   C                        G  C
Lord complete me, 'cause I'm Yours completely

Добавлено: 03.11.2014
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