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American Pinup - Siren - аккорды и текст, видео

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American Pinup - Siren - аккорды и текст, видео

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American Pinup
***How come these are the only American Pinup chords out there? Come on, people***

         G                 B
This is sad, now you're stalling
      C                            G
It's nothing that I haven't heard before
              G           B
Just spit it out, it's appalling
  C                               G
Another friendship turned into a chore
Am    Em    Am    D
Oh... Oh... Oh... Oh

       G                       B
Well I never meant to walk on anybody
              C                              G
But you just keep on laying down in front of me
You think I have the magic touch
That I can open you right up
                 D                     G
But you're not special, I'm a skeleton key

       G           B
Here I am, I'm surrounded
      C                              G
You'd think I'd like this kind of attention
      G           B
But I can't get around it
      C                           G
And everyone around me's getting crushed
Am    Em    Am   Em
Oh... Oh... Oh.. Oh

       G                             B
Well I never meant to pull you under with me
       C                                G
But it seems the wind is always blowing west
And like an old ship to the rock
You cannot help but join the flock
           D                              G
I'm just a siren pulling sailors to their death

Am             Em
Oh you oughta offer up your soul
Am              Em
Oh well this confession's getting old
Am             Em
Oh there's no need to act surprised
Oh just say your fucking penance
        D            G
And get out of here alive

             G                           B
Well you can bet I do not take my duties lightly
          C                                  G
And your fragile little heart don't stand a chance
I am a ball-busting heartbreaker
Man-eating she-devil
        D          C          G
And I'm sorry you can't help yourself
Добавлено: 08.08.2015
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