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American Music Club - Hello Amsterdam - текст песни, видео

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American Music Club - Hello Amsterdam - текст песни, видео

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Hello Amsterdam my name is Fernando 
Hello Amsterdam I bet you've seen my kind before 
Another sad tourist with his eyes rolling in his head 
Another sad tourist who never had a drink before 

Hello Amsterdam you didn't like my Waterloo 
Hello Amsterdam I wish I had something to offer you 
Tail between my leg I crawl back to the canal 
All alone with my eyes rolling like the moon 


There once was a white elephant  
that escaped from the zoo 
Got to the big city and didn't know what to do 
Had a sticker on his shirt that said,  
'Hello my name is unclean' 
I swear they would have liked us  
if we'd played Dancing Queen 

Hello Amsterdam don't I look cool in my white shirt 
Hello Amsterdam don't I look hip in my red tie 
We came from America so you could share in the pride 
Guilt, greed, and genocide

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