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American Babies - Streets Of Brooklyn - аккорды и текст, видео

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American Babies - Streets Of Brooklyn - аккорды и текст, видео

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Streets Of Brooklyn
American Babies
Album: Flawed Logic
Year: 2010
Key: A
Streets of Brooklyn
Capo 2

G - C 
G - D

        C                                       G
The streets of Brooklyn are a terrible sight,
I wouldn't be caught dead there, 
                G                       D
I wouldn't be caught dead there. 
                        C               G       D          G    
Over privileged zombies and under loved kids with vintage guitars. 

G - C 
G - D

        C                                       G 
The Wolves of Wall Street are a terrible fright                                 
They've been killing for years                  
                 G                      D
They've been killing us for years and years                     
               C                       G       D           G    
You can opine and  hum "Taps" for the "Mom and Pop"s and the American 
C (hold/build)

G - C 
G - C

I wish there was more reason behind your flawed logic   
       C                G                               C
And all of that old money was really yours to burn 
Em                      G                               C
Then there could be a reckoning of these your false promises            
        Em              G                       C
and we could agree to disagree about your policies 
Oh, look at what you've done

G - C 
G - C
G - D 

C                                                       G
Ahead of the curve we drink the world's oldest animals  
                C                               G
Wars have been waged to stick straws in the earth 
D          C                            G       
Natural disasters are code for "assassins"  
D                               Em      G       C
Sent by the hand of the lord.   
D          C                         G
The streets of Heaven are a terrible sight              
You never believed
                G               D  
You never believed in it.       
C                                                     G                         D
This place has been deserted for at least as many years as I've been alive

G - C 
G - C

Tab by Raina Mullen
Добавлено: 11.04.2016
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