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America - Sister Golden Hair V2 - таба, видео

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America - Sister Golden Hair V2 - таба, видео

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In article> Steve Hess> writ
>Does anyone know the chord progression for America's Sister Golden Hair?
>I bought a book for "advanced" players, in the hope that it would have Real
>Chords, but the ones it has are so watered down it doesn't sound anything like
>the recorded version...  GRR.  A bloody waste of $11.
>Moral of the Story:  Don't waste your on "America's Greatest Hits - Advanced

this is one of the songs that taught me to sing and play
at the same time.  it's also neat cause it uses all the
major and minor chords in the key of E, so you can instantly
know all the chords of any key by recognizing these patterns

C#min - A - E - Esus4 - E
F#min - C#min - B - A

       E                             G#min
well i tried ...

       A                E               G#min
       set ...

        A               F#min         C#min G#min A
        ready ...

        F#min         A                E - Esus2 - E

           B                             A              E   

           B                             A              E

          F#min                  G#min           A

Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 18:02:04 -0400
Subject: a/america/

AMERICA - "Sister Golden Hair" intro

tabbed by: Brian Garner (all my own work)

I have seen the Chord progression already posted on the .  Here is the 
intro done by an electric guitar in the beginning and in the middle.


That's what I have.  Any questions/ comments/ corrections/ better ideas, 
email me (

Добавлено: 04.11.2013
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