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Amber Rubarth - Another Perfect Sunset - аккорды и текст, видео

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Amber Rubarth - Another Perfect Sunset - аккорды и текст, видео

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Another Perfect Sunset
Amber Rubarth
The chords are C E7 F G C G7 she uses a a copo on the third but you don't have to.
C                            E7  
Another perfect sunset in the evening
    F       G      C      G7
I watch and wave goodbye
C                              E7
Another lonely day and now it's leaving
           F         G          C      G7
Won't you take me with you this time?
C                                    E7
Cause you and I are both defined by silhouettes and dark outlines
F               G                 C    G7
Voids pressed against the orange glow
C                            E7 
And we both take what we can get as we make our way out west
      F             G                 C   G7
Just looking for a place to call our own

(While Whistling)
C E7 F G C G7  X2
C then mute     come back in on E7 
I'll go away again so you can WANT me
        F          G            C    G7
We all love things once they're gone
C                                 E7 
And catch me if you can, I'm only walking
            F         G       C     G7
To keep my soles all old and worn
C                                        E7
I'll take the time to make you mine with poetry and dark red wine
      F                G                 C      G7    
We'll sip it fast and read the words so slowly
 C                                   E7 
And when our glasses are half gone, I'll sing you a sweet souled song
     F              G                 C    G7
And you can tell me I'm your one and only 

C E7 F G C G7 

Thanks, don't ever leave me behind.. because good music can be so hard to find. -angie
Добавлено: 13.06.2013
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