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Amber Liu - I Just Wanna Feat Eric Nam - аккорды и текст, видео

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Amber Liu - I Just Wanna Feat Eric Nam - аккорды и текст, видео

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I Just Wanna Feat Eric Nam
Amber Liu
This song is from f(x)'s Amber from her solo album!

The chords are similar to the original song Goodbye Summer ft. D.O from EXO but is a semi-tone up.

This is the Amber and Eric Nam version!!

You will need 3 chords.

E7M          Ebm7      Abm7

e --7--     e --6--    e --4--
B --9--     B --7--    B --4--
G --8--     G --8--    G --4--
D --9--     D --6--    D --4--
A --7--     A --6--    A --6--
E --x--     E --x--    E --4--

The chords should be the same throughout the whole song. Have a listen while playing. There is a piano part
before Amber's rap. I just hold on the E7M  .
(1 Dash = 1 beat)

Intro: Emaj - - - - Ebm7 - - - - Emaj - - - - Ebm7 - -  Abm7 - -

When I first walked in the room, I saw your face
Baby girl I was so amazed
I caught you smiling back at me
      Ebm7              Abm7
But I didn't know what to say
Hey now baby boy (Nam~ yeah yeah)
Don't you know (Nam~ yeah yeah)
I'm ready for you, you, you
    Ebm7             Abm7
Now boy what you gonna do

'Cause I know you the one I've been searching for
I know with you my life means more
I wish I could say these things to you
 Ebm7                    Abm7
Come here baby boy let me listen to you

I just wanna love you
Give me that chance wanna hold you
Baby you know that
I need you I need you
        Ebm7          Abm7
And I'm wondering all the time
       E7M                         Ebm7
If you love me come on over get to know me
Baby 'cause I know you need me you need me
       Ebm7         Abm7
And I want you in my life yeah yeah

It's the same throughout the whole song. Hope this helped! 
Добавлено: 28.06.2016
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