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Alyssa Jacey - What Went Wrong - таба, видео

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Alyssa Jacey - What Went Wrong - таба, видео

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What Went Wrong

Turning points I turn around, look around the house
Nothing left, not one memory of when you and I went out

And I... wonder what went wrong... When you... act like we don't belong

Drove away left you behind, now another from your past
Leaving questions unanswered, I thought our love would last!

But I guess that I was wrong, Cuz you... still think we don't belong.

I'm not gonna sit and watch you boy, turn me away again!
If you want my love, well here it is, but on ice you're treadin' thin!
Look me in the eyes, AND MEAN IT, girl I want you back!
Let's take a chance and work it out... this time let's stay on track!

Hey now, don't cha know, boy when you look at me,
Am I still the same or become a mystery?
We were so in love, then you, through it all away!
It makes me torn between; should I go or should I...

I... I wonder what went went wrong!
When you... say we don't belong!
I said!! I... I still wonder what went wrong!
Cuz you... say we don't belong!
Intro- C3m7 B7 A7  
Verse- C#7 B7  
Chorus- A7 B7 C#7 
  A7 C#7 B7 A7  
Bridge- (C\C#m7 x2 B7)x3 
  C\C#m7 B7  
Добавлено: 26.07.2012
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