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Allison Moorer - Is It Worth It - аккорды и текст, видео

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Allison Moorer - Is It Worth It - аккорды и текст, видео

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Is It Worth It
Allison Moorer
Allison Moorer - Is It Worth It

      A                    D 
Is it worth it?  You gotta wonder. 
        A                     E 
No sane person, would say it was. 
        A                       D 
It's for certain, we're going under. 
             A         E                    A 
Things ain't working, between the two of us. 

      D               A 
Is it worth it to go on trying? 
            E                        A 
Or keep rehearsing, and getting worse. 
                  D                    A 
Let's close the curtain, this act's dying. 
                E               A 
We did our version, it didn't work. 

         E              D               A 
Is it worth, the price we are paying? 
         D                A             E 
Is it worth, the damage being done? 
         A              A7             D 
Is it worth, the both of us staying? 
?               ?               E7 
If you think so, then you're the only one.  

        A                       D 
Is it worth it?  What are we doing? 
                A                       E 
Let's not be martyrs for the sake of love. 
             A                     D 
This is a burden of our own choosing. 
         A      E           A 
It'd be smarter if we gave up
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