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Allen Stone - Contact High - аккорды и текст, видео

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Allen Stone - Contact High - аккорды и текст, видео

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Contact High
Allen Stone
Feel free to come with suggestions on how to make it better. I know its not perfect. But its a start.
Her is a video of him playing it, though with the guitar tuned down a whole step:

And here is a video lesson:

C7M   - Dm7
Are you looking for peace of mind?
Em7 - F - Fm/G#
You won't find it in your status line,
C7M   - Dm7
What are you trying to prove?
Em7 - F - Fm/G#
Whose mountain are you trying to move?

C/G - D/F# - F - G11
I fell for it, too, yeah,

C - E7 - Am - C9
Whatever keeps you occupied,
F - D# - D7 - G11
Whatever gives you contact high,
C - C/B - C/A# - Am7
Whatever keeps you busy, baby,
Fm/G# - C/G         F - F/F# - F/G
Will never make you satisfied

Verse 2:
Are you looking for security,
Validation or identity?
You won't find it in things,
The more you got, oh, the less you see, yeah,

I've been all over the world, yeah,
I've dug for diamonds and I've dove for pearls,
F                           Fm/G#
And the real treasure that we all seek,
Em - Am - F#dim7 - G11
Is hiding in plain sight of me, oh,

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