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All Star United - La La Land - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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All Star United - La La Land - аккорды и текст, бас-таба, видео

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La La Land
All Star United
		   a A Land.
By All Star United.
Transposed by Spikey + Craig 'n' Terry Barnes.

If you are playing bass, you will play these notes where D, D-3 are 
D, Eb, E, F

*See Tab 1. (Bottom) + note 1
    D                            D
The Question isn't whether it's true,
     D                          D
The question—"is it working for you?"
Marshmallow skies, and custardy pies
And nothings too hard to do.
D                            D
They're five happy verses or so.
      D                      D
They told me all I needed to know.
Ignore all the rest, Trials and tests,
And threats to my comfort zone.
(Chorus 1)                 G                            Bb
		Well I've got no time to find out what's real.
                  D                        Db  B
		I stick with what I happen to feel.
                         G       A               D
		It feels grand, livin' in la la land!
D                            D
You can name a blessing yourself,
D                          D
stake a claim on power and wealth
and strong healthy teeth, a spot at the beach
and romance that's really swell.
D                                      D
All the saints and martyrs alike, 
          D                           D
Well they would have called a national strike
Demanded less pain, more personal gain,
If only they'd known their rights.
(Chorus 2)             G             Bb
		Well I take it very personally,
                       D                       Db, B
		Yeah I gotta know what's in it for me.
                         G                   A        D -
		Ain't it grand? when you're living in A la land!
-(1st time only) Db, B
         G                  A         B      E  
Ain't it grand? When you're livin' in A la land.
I've got my Prayer cloth collection in a Jesus Jar.
             F#                        E
I've got the holy ghost riding in the back of my car.
Sometimes he gives a little tickle, I go "hardy har ha"
          A                   Bb     A      D    
Ain't it grand? When you're livin in la la land!
D              G
La, la la la,  A la la la. (X 4)
(See note 1)
Jesus decal, that's quite a trick, 
Right above my dash board I stick it,
A good luck charm, it keeps me from harm,
and saves me from speeding tickets.

(Chorus 2)

Outro:           D              G
                 La, la la la,  A la la la. (repeat and fade)

· Tab 1. This tab is for; D,D, D, AND D.

Bass:D           Eb       E        F      * see note 2. 
     D           D       D       D

*If preferred you can use barr chords and just slide the finger on the A 
string up one fret each change. (you may have to change the way you play 
the barr chord) Or you could play the bass line instead.
· Note 1: The Piano starts the song and plays solo until 
"...nothing to hard to do" where a drum fill in brings in the
 rest of the band. The pianist also plays solo through to the end of the 
3rd verse  "Jesus decal...etc." If there is no pianist then the guitar can 
just play the normal verse chords D, D, 2 and 3. 
For the piano; D is just D (D, F#, A),  D is D, F#, A#,  D is D, F#, 
B,  and D is D, F#, C Then play the G chord, then back to D It's not 
too hard to work out.

· If anyone has any difficulty working any of this out, don't hesitate 
to E-mail us on
This is probably the most fun song on the album to play. We got sick of 
waiting for someone else to work it out, so we did it ourselves! It took 
ages to type out, hope you like it!
Добавлено: 01.09.2013
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