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Alison Krauss - Lie Awake - аккорды и текст, видео

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Alison Krauss - Lie Awake - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lie Awake
Alison Krauss
Lie Awake
Alison Krauss (Angel Snow & Victor Krauss)
metonymo tab

Capo 1.
Can be played repeating:  Am    Dm         C  D,
or more correct:          A7sus Dsus-D7sus C  Dsus.

A7sus4: x02233 (or x02033 x02030 x00030)
Dsus2   xx0230
D7sus2  xx0210
C       x32013 

Tab (repeated with minor variations):

  A7sus4                                          Dsus        D7sus
  :       .       .       .       :       .       .       .        

  C                               Dsus 
  :       .       .       .       :       .       .       .        

(Some bass notes are added to make it more playable on a single guitar)

A7sus4                             Dsus    D7sus
I want to run away, don't come out lookin' round
C                        Dsus
Too busy dealing with it on my own
He's right behind me, please God I can't be found
Don't cast another stone

Feel I can wait until the sun rise
The city tells me not to go till dawn
And if he wakes, that's when my heart breaks
and I'm as good as gone

     How do I lie awake now, when I know I've 
     Got to be moving on?
     How do I lie awake now, when nothing's 
     Right and nothing's wrong?

     Instr. (A7sus Dsus C Dsus x2)

And in the end, will we make amends?
Just like we're face-to-face, another dawn
And in the night or when the moon shines
Will you take me on home?

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