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Alex G - Message - аккорды и текст, видео

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Alex G - Message - аккорды и текст, видео

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Alex G
On all the chords in this song other than the E major, you're supposed to play the sixth string root note with 
your thumb. However, if this is too difficult for you, then you can just leave the sixth string open and it will
sound fine.  For the G#mb6, or G#maddb13, keep the same shape as the F#m11 and just move up a whole step. I also
recommend playing both of these chords(including the Asus2) with your first finger on the third string, second 
finger on fifth string, and third finger on fourth string of the respective frets for those chords.

On the F#m11, he will go back and forth between adding 9th(the G# note on the first string,
fourth fret) to the m11 chord.  (1,b3,5,b7,9,11). Also, on the E, occasionally add the 6(the C# note on the 
second string, second fret with your pinky. 

***The first and second strings should be open the whole time on each chord, except when you're playing the 
9 on the F#m11 ***

Listen to the song to get the correct rhythm. 

Intro: E - F#m11 - G#mb6 - Asus2 - F#m11 - E - F#m11 - Gsus2 - Asus2 - F#m11 - E

E                      F#m11
Every year I'm getting older 
G#mb6                 Asus2     F#m11 - E 
      but every day I feel the same 
E                          F#m11
and when I feel like I got no one 
G#mb6                Asus2    F#m11 - E
      at least I can hear the rain 
E                  F#m11
Had a message to deliver 
G#mb6              Asus2     F#m11 - E
      To a house on Britney Lane 
E                               F#m11
but I'm just stuck here by your window 
Gsus2         Asus2          F#m11 - E            
      Oh look how you have changed
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