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Alan Stivell - Dugelezh Vreizh (The Breton Duchy) - текст песни, видео

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Alan Stivell - Dugelezh Vreizh (The Breton Duchy) - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Warlec'h bloaz naw c'hant e teuas ar Vikinged

Da voud startoc'h a' dizoujusoc'h

Deit int a-benn da dorr pep aozadur 'barzh Breizh

Pa teuas ar peoc'h endro, a-drugarez d'Alan Varweg

Kultur ha yezh ar C'Hallaoued en-oa gwraet un toull bras 'ba'Breizh

Ba'vro ur bern renerien 'oa doh kultur a' doh yezh estren

"Duc-souverain" Alan en em hanwas : n'oa ket prest da voud debret Breizh gant

broioГ№ all

Dugelezh Vreizh ur vro dizalc'h 'jomas e-pad c'hwec'h kant bloawezh c'hoazh

distag doc'h Bro-C'Hall

Politikerezh estren Breizh 'genboueze etre 'n diw vro vras

Politikerezh estren Breizh 'oa etre Bro-Saoz ha Bro-C'Hall

'Wid Frans 'n aristokrated, hag an dud vihan 'oa 'wid 'Saozon

N'oa ket don 'barzh o c'halon abegoГ№-se ar bobl vreton

'Bern breselioГ№ 'so bet gant ar Vretoned

Eneb d'ar Saozon hag eneb d'ar C'Hallaoued

Met Breizh 'jomas ar vro aet ar pellaГ± war hent an demokrasiezh ba'n Europa

"Den-gentil" oa galwet pep Breizhad 'wid diskouezh 'n-oa pep kouer skoazell al


N'eus ket anawet hon tud-kozh na servaj na Bresel-kant-bloazh

PladoГ№ arc'hant 'barzh pep ti-plouz oa araog trec'h an arme c'hall

E bloawezhioГ№ diwezhaГ± pa oa c'hoazh hor bro-ni dishual

Ba' vroioГ№ pinwidikaГ± ha war vor ba'mesk ar re krenvaГ±.

Nine hundred years after the birth of Jesus

In Vikings ships down from the North and merciless

Invaders came and they tried to smash

Our Breton ways, all we loved best.

And when we had won victory, led by Alan Bready to peace,

Though bitterly we fought and died, now had come the French in their place,

In our country landlords now gave us orders in foreign speech.

But our Duke Alan said

Brittany would not be fare for conquerors

From France or elsewhere.

Six hundred years we stood

Free and in liberty, bowing no king,

His burdens to bear.

Standing in a balance of power in between our two great neighbours,

Standing in a balance of power in between the English and French,

The people looked to England and to France the lords and their ladies,

Not because they were close but for allies and to give themselves strength.

And so we fought often with Englishmen and

Then we changed sides fighting for then against the French.

All this time Brittany

Led the whole Western world in democracy

And we were free.

"Dudgentil" - gentlemen -

Was every poor man's name, so that he could know

The law was for him.

So there was no Breton serfdom and we missed the Hundred Years War.

Silver dishes in every farm till the French had won victory.

Before losing our freedom we knew great prosperity

Making ships of our navy the envy of all the world.
Добавлено: 31.07.2012
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