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Alan Menken - Les Poissons - аккорды и текст, видео

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Alan Menken - Les Poissons - аккорды и текст, видео

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Les Poissons
Alan Menken
ARTIST: Howard Ashman and Alan Menken
TITLE: Les Poissons

From the movie, The Little Mermaid

Notes: Power chords

G - F# - E - F# -
G - F# -
D - - F# - - A - - D - -

        G   -         F# -
Les poissons, les poissons
      E   -       F#  -
How I love les poissons
        G     -     F#     -     E
Love to chop and to serve little fish
        A    -       Ab   -
First I cut off zeir heads
       F#    -       Ab   -
Then I pull out zeir bones
       A   -      Ab    -    E
Ah mes oui, savez toujours delice

        G   -         F# -
Les poissons, les poissons
        E    -       F#  -
Hee hee hee, haw haw haw
        G     -   F#    -     E
With ze cleaver I hack zem in two
       G   -        Ab   -
I pull out what's inside
      A   -       B    -
And I serve it up fried
        C     -    F#    -       G
God, I love little fishes, don't you?

       G   -         Ab    -      Bb    -   Eb
Here's something for tempting the palette
   G   -        Ab     -    Bb    -   Eb
Prepared in the classic technique
          E                          A
First you pound the fish flat with a mallet
         A     -           Bb   -
Then you slash through the skin
         B   -   C   -
Give the belly a slice
Then you rub some salt in
'Cause it makes it taste nice

Zut alors, I have missed one!

      G   -         F# -
Sacre bleu, what is this?
       E     -       F#  -
How on earth could I miss
       G      -     F#   -   E
Such a sweet little suculent crab
       A    -       Ab   -
Quel Domage, what a loss
        F#    -    Ab   -
Here we go, in the sauce
         A   -      Ab    -   E
Now some flour I think just a dab

      G    -         F# -
Now I stuff you with bread
         E          -       F#  -
It don't hurt 'cause you're dead!
           G     -   F#    -   E
And you're certainly lucky you are
            G   -    Ab   -    A   -      B    -
'Cause it's gonna be hot in my big silver pot!
       C   -   F#    -      G
Tootle-loo mon poisson Au revoir!
Добавлено: 11.03.2012
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