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Air Traffic - Come On - аккорды и текст, видео

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Air Traffic - Come On - аккорды и текст, видео

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Come On
Air Traffic
The chords are probably not 100% correct, but I'm in love with this song, and had to tab 
quickly because I really wanted to play it.

C5                          B
You take the sun from that hole in the sky
          F                    G5
And then place it in my little hand
C5                          B
Oh what a rush just to be in control
              F                   G5
It's like nothing you could understand
(same chords)
But this time I'm not gonna let it go
This time, I want everyone to know
You're a fool, you're wrong,
I believe in myself,
I believe in myself this time

      F        Fm
So come on, come on,
Can we break this place apart?
    F        Fm
Come on, come on,
To me.

(chord sequences repeated through rest of song)

The taste of blood like a spear in my side
It's no wonder I'm a driven soul
Why do you think I just lie here and get fucked
While you tell me that I'm undersold

You should be scared, in amongst desire
I'm a spark to set the truth on fire
Yes I am, I'm here
I'm the antichrist
I'll be leaving alive, I'll be leaving alive.


I struggle to my knees
Struggle to my knees
I'm getting to my feet
I'm getting to my feet

You should be calling my name x4
You should be calling my

Добавлено: 09.03.2012
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