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Air Traffic Controller - You Know Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Air Traffic Controller - You Know Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
You Know Me
Air Traffic Controller
                   You Know Me - Air Traffic Controller

Tabbed by: syphaxe
Tuning: standard'ly the easiest way to play this is below.
Sounds like Munro strums the C adjusting position of the winner finger (2) between the D 
and the G and back again, or D to the E and back
again if you like the barred C (same effect, just bassier)

     C    Cwinner   *or*       C     Cwinner
E|---3----3--------------------3-----5------| can do something similar with the Am for flave...

     Am   Amwinner

...also, you can play the C or the (/G) where indicated...sounds like Munro and Sullivan 
use one while the other uses the other in
guitar/mandolin duet.

Capo on 4th fret

[[verse i]]

You know me, you know everything about me now
C                                 C(/G)
My heart is in your hands and you know you could break it
C(/G)                                  C
But wouldn't you rather make me siiiiiiiing like this
You know me, I try to find some good in everything
C                              C(/G)
Since you came along, somehow this got easy
C(/G)                                  C
'cause all you wanna do is please me my love

[[kinda chorus]]
                   F      G
This could be a rollercoaster that
We're gonna make the most of
             F                  G
Whether on top or we're goin' down
You know me

[[verse ii]]

You know me (I know you), and how I get when I'm uncomfortable
C                        C(/G)
If I'm too hot or cold, tired bored or hungry
C(/G)                        C
I'm fine when you're around me boy
And you know me, I've never been on time for anything
C                   C(/G)
I do apologize, I know it's such a bother
C(/G)                               C
I promise to try harder for you girl, Oh I will

[[kinda chorus ii]]

           F           G
This is a risk worth taking
This is a love in the making
         F     G        Am
We go nothing up our sleeves
           F         G
We got an understanding
I don't think we could've planned it better
  F            G
I know 'cause you know...
You know me

[[verse iii]]

You know me (you know me), I work to much, I'm always on the run
(Baby I know, it's only just begun)
C                              C(/G)
You know how hard it can be to go on chasing something
C(/G)                               C
This could amount to nothin' when it's all said and done

[[kinda chorus iii]]
                   F        G
I think you could make be better
I'm looking ahead but I'll never
         F             G        Am
Regret anything that helped me see
                 F            G
And if you could be proud of me
And proud of yourself 'cause you got me
              F           G
Then darlin' you know...yeah we both know
You know me

[[kinda chorus iv]]
                         F        G
Ooooh and I'll never hurt you darlin'
You know damn well
                F          G                     Am
And I'll never make you wonder If the things I tell you ain't the honest truth
           F         G                Am
And I bet alot of folks can sing in harmony

                     F      G
Yeah! But no one'll ever know you like...
You know me

You know me

[[, while your capo's there and speaking of Finns, check out Alfie Jurvanen's 
Bahamas Slow Plow tab]]

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