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Agent Steel - Tiamats fall - текст песни, видео

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Agent Steel - Tiamats fall - текст песни, видео

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Авторы: Agent Steel

Alone in the void
 Primordial begetter
 Apsu did reign
 A spouse he creates
 Tiamat, the mother
 Beauty and pain 

Celestial Godz
 A battle ordained shall be fought
 The chamber of fates
 The son of the sun would be sought 

Niburu by name - avenger by nature
 With seed he was born
 Tiamat enraged
 Bent on destruction
 In two, her life would be torn 

Celestial Godz
 Together the pair must collide
 Let matron be lost
 Niburu in heaven resides 

Charging evil wind
 The mother will swallow
 Arcing lightning bolt
 The storm made to follow
 Shattered Tiamat lay
 Her army in shackles
 Marking her remains
 A shrine to the battle 

The father remorsed
 Spouse mortally wounded
 Her waters they ran
 The rays of Apsu
 Gently reflected
 The healing began 

Niburu beseeched
 This half to new life we give birth
 Our father agreed
 So naming this daughter earth 

Firm the land appeared
 Blue waters surrounding
 Sweet the atmosphere
 The planets resounding
 Shattered Tiamat lay
 In her place such splendor
 Earth and moon shall be guardians forever 

Seed of life
 Creators legacy
 Moon and sun
 Celestial destiny
 Reigning king
 Niburu is the law
 Son of the sun
 Shepherd of the Godz 

Charging evil wind
 Birth from destruction
 Let new life begin
 A gift from the heavens
 Born of Tiamat's fall
 Fragile earth daughter
 Kingu to shine earth night
 A shrine to the slaughter 

History - astronomy
 Prophecy - forever unbending
 Is there truth
 Among the stars?
 Have we come so far?
 Are we only beginning? 

A route to fly
 A show of force
 We chart their course
 And claim understanding 

We read the sky
 And dare to try
 To convince ourselves
 We're the first and the only 
Добавлено: 25.09.2013
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