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Agent Steel - Mad Locust Rising - текст песни, видео

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Agent Steel - Mad Locust Rising - текст песни, видео

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Their mating has started
 There's no way to stop them
 Brushed by the wings of the king, Nostrodamus
 Thundering Black of the swarms are upon us
 The cup of the wrath, the winepress of death 

The whore and the beast are having a feast
 on mankind and his weakness
 The scabs of the lustful, the womb is distrustful
 subsiding with pain, The Abyss 

A small open country with wide open fields
 The villagers run from the pain that they yield
 The bite of the locust, the witchdoctor's potion
 The curse of the insect's infection 

Deceit is upon us, the sores that won't heal
 The signs they're preparing are being revealed
 They fly in a pack, prepare for attack
 Carnivorously lusting your flesh 

Flying, striking, spreading their wings
 There's no denying their presence
 The prophecy's done, they warned us they'd come
 Soon they'll be coming for you 

The battle is won, but losing the war, 'Geddon is so very near
 They've broken the seal, their coming for you... ATTACK 

Locusts and Plagues 

Mad Locust Rising, revealing his wings
 preparing to fly once again
 Soon others like him will rise up to fight
 ATTACK, the bloody command 

The swarm moving north will attack and destroy
 Cities and kingdoms we've built
 Slashing, chomping to the ends of the earth
 They seek to recapture the child 

Across the waters the swarm moving closer
 Their destination unknown
 Commanded by vengeance with blood thirsty teeth
 the blood of the marty's they shield 

The woman repents but still she is spent
 There's no hiding guilt once brushed by the wings
 The threshold of fate, the furnace of pain
 It's waiting for you, the coming of... 



Добавлено: 24.10.2013
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