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Agent Orange - Unsafe At Any Speed - текст песни, видео

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Agent Orange - Unsafe At Any Speed - текст песни, видео

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[voice of evel knievel:] 
"i've got to tell you, 
that you are the last people in the world 
who will see me jump, because i will never, 
ever, ever jump again. i am through." 

i believe that every inch of smooth cement 
upon this earth is sacred 
that he who sees it blur beneath his feet 
will always be one step ahead 
i can see the only way that we can change 
our future is to brainwash and manipulate 
the minds of those who draw the lines 
that form the city scapes 

what moves beyond these walls 
won't get far without abusing all the laws 
i'll tell you why 
we are unsafe at any speed 

you're lost, now shut your eyes 
get ready for another big surprise 
all at once you're blinded by the flashing lights 
a blessing in disguise 
every time you stop to think 
you waste another precious moment 
and every time you draw another breath 
you're one breath closer to the end 

somehow i'll survive - i've got to live 
'cuz that's the only thing that makes me feel alive 
we are unsafe at any speed 

[voice of announcer at gary wells jump:] 
"ninety miles 
an hour - he's up! 22 year old gary wells. he's missed it! 
he's in trouble! he's in trouble! he's down! he's hurt! 
my god - he's not even moving!"
Добавлено: 09.05.2012
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