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Age Of Faith - The Losers Win - аккорды и текст, видео

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Age Of Faith - The Losers Win - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Losers Win
Age Of Faith
		   Song: The Losers Win 
Artist: Age of Faith 
Album: Embrace 
Tabbed by: Garrett Perkins 

F#5     E                  D5 
He was neglected from the inside 
F#5     E                  D5 
He saw everything through the window 
F#5         E                  D5 
And when It came time to choose sides 
F#5         E5                 D5        E5 
He was the last one 'cause he was a little slow 
         A5              E5            D5 
And he wondered why he never made the party 
         A5              E5            D5          E5 
And he worried 'cause no one came around when he was crying 
    B5           D5      E5 
But he kept his eyes on heaven 
           B5            D5          E5 
'Cause he knew that up there someone was listening 
 A5            D5   E5 
Someday the losers win, in this kingdom 
          A5       D5           E5 
There's always a place for the broken 
  A5         D5         E5 
Someday the weak are strong, in this battle 
      A5            E5          E5 
The angels fight a never losing war 
    D5         E5   A5 
Someday the losers win 

He knows what a stone feels like 

At least when a stone is made of words 

It cuts deeper than any knife 

And they seem to draw the blade whenever they get the urge 

'Cause all he ever wanted was a little love 

Its easier for love to cover any wound 

But he keeps his mind on eternal 

'Cause eternity is where he knows he'll have all 

this he missed down here 


B5                               D5 
What does some may call a loser, God has already chosen 
B5                               D5                E5 
And I know that heaven will be built on the chosen world's rejected 


Well there you have it....Actually I got this song of the Embrace Pre-release but it is on the Embrace CD....I hope you like it 
Добавлено: 14.07.2013
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