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Admiral Fallow - Bomb Through The Town - аккорды и текст, видео

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Admiral Fallow - Bomb Through The Town - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bomb Through The Town
Admiral Fallow
Admiral Fallow // Boots Met My Face // Bomb Through The Town (Chords)

Chords are 100% correct and are in the same key as in the album. 
To play the guitar the same as like in the song just arpeggiate around the chords.

To perfect, listen to '' or any live 
version of this song because the 'album version' is rarely played live.


    C: x3201x
Gadd4: 32001x
    G: 32000x
   Am: x02210
Dsus2: xx0230

Intro: C - G - Gadd4

Verse 1:

C                       Gadd4    -    G
What kind of sadness is this?

C                            Gadd4    -    G
Two real good friends with nothing to say
And I'll fly through the crowd
At 45 degrees
On my knees
         C    -    G  
To your door
         C    -    G  
To your door

C                    Gadd4    -    G
Swallow my jealousy whole

C                       Gadd4    -    G
Green turns through valour
Gadd4          G
Harbours in gold
And I'll bomb through the town
At a rate of noughts
Fingers crossed
To your door

Ending is based around chords but dosen't sound too great with just a guitar. I 
suggest that you just play 'C' then into 'G'.

Tabbed By Ross McKay.
Music By Admiral Fallow.
Добавлено: 02.12.2013
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