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Adam Smith - Country - аккорды и текст, видео

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Adam Smith - Country - аккорды и текст, видео

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Adam Smith
I grew up on a piece of land that my great grand-daddy owned

No matter where I hang my hat I'll always call it home
           A                                      E
Cause I'm Country.....And Country's all I'm gonna be
Lord, you can bet I'm Country
A                          E
And I don't make no apology

When I was a kid we started each day with a pledge and a prayer

And if that offends your sensitive butt then brother, I don't care!
           A                                    E
Cause I'm Country.....And Country's all I wanna be
Oh, you better believe I'm Country 
A                         E
I aint no slave to society

I was raised in the holler without a single dollar 

Dirt poor till I was grown
And if I wanted it I got it but the only way to get it was to....
Get it on my own, working my fingers to the bone.

I learned at a young age you put your faith and your family first

And that's gonna be my philosophy till they, put me in the hearse!
           A                                   E
Cause I'm Country.....Living right and living free
Son, you're looking at Country
A                        E
What you get is what you see

Instrumental Solo

Yeah I know how it feels to be behind the wheel

of a tractor at an early age
I could barely reach the pedals but I'd put 'em to the metal just a
working for the family wage....A bed and three meals a day

I got blues steel in my right hand and the good book in my left

And you can bet your sweet bottom dollar hoss, that Ill defend em till the death!
           A                                   E
Cause I'm Country.....Lord I know I'm a dying breed
Oh I aint nothing but Country
A                                   E              
Just a good ole boy from Red Top Tennessee!!!!

Instrumental out
Добавлено: 17.05.2016
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