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Adam Carroll - Snow cone man - таба, видео

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Adam Carroll - Snow cone man - таба, видео

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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:58:58 -0500
From: Ryan Nichols 
Subject: c/carroll_adam/

Title: Snow Cone Man
Artist: Adam Carroll
Album: Live (from Cheatham Street Warehouse)
Cathal Woods and Ryan Nichols
A basic tab that is changed every time...
~L+№ indicates tied notes
parentheses indicate optional note
    G        C        Em
E |-------------3---------------0---
B |-------0--1-----1---------------3
G |-0--2----------------------------
D |-------------2--(2)------(2)-----
A |----0--2--3--------0h1h2---------
E |-3-------------------------------
            I was out ...Standing in line
 F                          C
 t     +      +           +        +
Buying  .... summertime ...snow cones,
   G                 C          G
E |----3----3--5--3--0------------- ||----
B |----------------------1---------- ||----
G |------------------------(0)------.||---0 repeat ad finitum
D |-------0--------------2----------.||----
A |-------------------3-------+----- ||----
E |-3--------------------------2--3- ||---3 ...
              snow.. man


I was out in the hot sun Standing in line
Buying snow cones in the summertime
Buying snow cones, from the snow cone man
(What do they call him down here)
How many cones in July have you sold
I canlt sell 'em in Christmas time, its too damn cold
Said the 'Snow cone, snow cone man
I can№t get no cone for a nickel or a dime
Can I date you sister she's mighty fine
Mr Snow, Mr. Snow cone man
Your sister Jeanie, she bought me two
It was cherry for love, amp; grape for blue
Mr Snow, Mr. Snow cone man
He gave me directions to her whereabouts
He said if she likes you, why don'cha take her out
I said Thank ya, Snow Cone, thank ya Mr. Snow cone man
But she's got a great big boyfriend Might give me a whippin'
He bought me a yellow one and called me a chicken
He said you're a chicken, I said, thank you snow cone man
I took my yellow snow cone, I was on my way
Stopped and bought a pretty rose bouquet
With the snow cone, with the snow cone man
I found her house and she was at the door
There was snow cone cups scattered on the floor
From her brother, from the Snow cone man
She saw my flowers and said Everybody knows
a yellow snow cone Is better than a red red rose
Be my snow cone, darlin, won't you be my snow cone man
She cried watermelon tears prettiest that I ever seen
She gave me kisses and my tongue turned green
Lime green flavored, from the snow cone man
She says, My big big boyfriend I don't like him at all
He's from Angleton and his snow cone is small
Little snow cone, little Snow cone man
She took me upstairs and we sang this song
Been making snow cones all night long
Me amp; Jeanie, making snow cone love, and all day
I asked Jeanie, darlin', would you be my wife
Sell me snow cones at half the price
Sell me snow cones, from the Snow cone man
We got married and we said I do
It was a cone for me, it was a cone for you
Got married by the snow cone man
And we had a reception at the snow cone stand
Had our honeymoon in snow cone land
Compliments of the snow cone, of the Snow cone man
It was out in the hot sun, standing in line
Buying snow cones in the summertime
Buying snow cones from the snow cone man
All right, all right, all right

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