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Abney Park - The Change Cage - аккорды и текст, видео

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Abney Park - The Change Cage - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Change Cage
Abney Park
So...this is how I play it, but I'm sure it's likely played a full step lower than 
how I play it, but it sounds correct none the less. >:] Anyways...for now I'll 
post the basic chords with the lyrics and then add the specific tab parts later, 
including the solo...and I hope if it's not correct, that it helps someone tab it 
out more correctly...

I play it in Standard E A D G B e tuning, but like I said, it may be played a full 
step lower if you know how to transpose...anyways

Also, the clean parts I usually play with some Chorus effect or Reverb...maybe 
some good phaser mixed in there.


A, A, C, D

A, C, D(I like to let it ring out a bit, and tremolo/vibrato bend it a bit)

Verse(First half clean)

I take a steam train to work 
C                        D
Just like the one my father took
And I pass over the walls
C                  D
I see the people as I look

(transtion from clean to distortion during these lyrics)

I see

Verse(second half heavy distortion[prolly use power chords])

 there's the block
   C                 D
For folks with purple skin
A                    C                   D
There's the block for folks who have no chin
A                 C              D
There's the block for me & all my kin
     A           C                       D
And over there is the change cage where we throw the rebels in

I work the change cage
Here on our side of the wall
C                       B
And I will hold the key until the day they say the cage will fall 

Verse 2(first half clean)

Walls of iron bolted with steel
C                         D
Two miles high that should hide how we feel
And in the city we've walled off each block
C                            D
This should work to segregate any racial melting pot

Verse 2(second hald heavy distortion)

Long ago we learned of the trouble
C                           D
When a man steps out of his life's plastic bubble
So we walled off the city, caged thoughts that were free
C                                   D
And now our lives are safe from any change that
Could have come between you & me

Repeat the CHORUS (2x) 

Solo [I'll include this, with the tab later] (played over the verse chords)

Repeat the CHORUS (2x)

Verse 3(first half clean)

They say an artist from block 616
C                         D
Revived some old art just for his own kicks
They say his pictures were lude
They say his women were nude
C                D
So we throw them inside 

Verse 3(second half, heavy distortion)

Well now that artist can run, he can hide
C                        D
But sooner or later we'll throw him inside
I don't think the people should see
Well that's not art to me
So we'll throw them inside

Repeat CHORUS(a few times actually, I'll listen again, and put the excact outro chorus here)

And I will hold the key, until the day they say the cage will fall!

Have fun playing, this has been my favourite song for the longest time...I hope this helps!!
Добавлено: 30.11.2013
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