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Abel Musuka - The Overcomers - аккорды и текст, видео

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Abel Musuka - The Overcomers - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Overcomers
Abel Musuka
The Overcomers
Abel Musuka

Key: A# (Capo 3 G)

*Verse 1

C           D            Em
We are all more than conquerors
C           D        Em
And we all possess power...To
C              D
Heal the sick, raise the dead
Cause the blind to see
D                     Em
Set the captives free

C          D       Em
We are all overcomers
C       D         Em
Sin no longer has power...For we have
C           D
Captivated our thoughts
And have honored the cost
D                Em
We have victory, his victory


C        D     
...And I see a 
C      G            Em
People changing the nations,
D          C     G          D
Now rising up to take their place.
             C      G            Em
And I see an army, righteous and holy,
D                C         G   D
Filled with the spirit and not afraid.
             C       G       Em
They carry a banner, written Jehovah,
D           C          G        D
The lion of Judah, the king who reigns.
               C    G         Em
Christ the redeemer he is our master,
D               C      G     D
We've conquered all in Jesus name.


C          G
We are the overcomers!
D          Em
We are the overcomers!
C       G           D     Em
We have overcome in Jesus name!

*Verse 2

C        D             Em
It's our time it's our hour
C           D      Em
And we only grow stronger
C      D             
We are pillars with 
Banners that only fly
D                     Em
Higher, for His majesty

C      D             Em
We are called by the Father
C      D           Em
He has granted us power
C           D          
And he sees you and me 
As the bringers of peace
D                Em
It's our destiny, our destiny
Добавлено: 23.11.2015
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