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Aaron Watson - Rollercoaster Ride - аккорды и текст, видео

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Aaron Watson - Rollercoaster Ride - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rollercoaster Ride
Aaron Watson
Aaron Watson - Rollercoaster Ride

D - G - A  D - G - A (G-D)

I can still see you standing there 
         G                                (G-D-A)
Next to me in the county fair ticket line
With cotton candy in your one hand
And your other hand in mine

It seems just like yesterday, 
letter jackets and football games 
Girl we've come a long way through the years 

Had our fair share of heartache and tears

              D       A         G      A
We've had our ups and downs and turn arounds 

but our love was stronger than any fight
             D     A         G         A
Even when we lost control we never let go
we kept on hangin' on for dear life
    G                 A           
I know no matter the size of the mountain 
        D           A/C#    Bm
you and me will be side by side
    A      G
Baby ain't life and love 
     A                  D - G - A (G-D-A)
one big rollercoaster ride

Back in the day we were cool and crazy 
like two outlaws on the run
Now making love means making babies 
and I swear we're having twice the fun

It's been no walk in the park 
but then again that's not our style
It wouldn't be too entertaining 
without a little drama every once in awhile


Baby you still drive me crazy, 
you still make my heart skip a beat
With those butterfly first time feelings 
you've always kept me on the edge of my seat

D - A - G - A  A - D - A - G - A  G - A - D - A/C# - Bm - A - G


    A      G
Baby ain't life and love 
     A                  D  Bm
one big rollercoaster ride
Baby ain't life and love 
     A                  D - G - A reapeat to fade
one big rollercoaster ride
Добавлено: 16.04.2016
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