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Aaron Keyes - Psalm 62 My Soul Finds Rest - аккорды и текст, видео

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Aaron Keyes - Psalm 62 My Soul Finds Rest - аккорды и текст, видео

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Psalm 62 My Soul Finds Rest
Aaron Keyes
Order: v1-chorus-v2-chorus-v3-chorus-bridge(3x)-chorus(2x)

-VERSE 1------------------------------------------------

   D                  G    D
My soul finds rest in God alone,
   D        Bm    A
My rock and my salvation.
  D                G         D
A fortress strong against my foes,
    D      G      A  D     
And I will not be shaken.

       G                             D
Though lips may bless and hearts may curse
    G         Em     Asus4  A
And lies like arrows pierce me
     D               G        D
I'll fix my heart on righteousness
     D       G       A     D
I'll look to Him who hears me


  A               G
O praise Him hallelujah,
     D              G
My Delight and my Reward!
    A             G
Everlasting never failing,
     Em9    A  D
My Redeemer my God.

-VERSE 2------------------------------------------------

     D               G    D
Find rest my soul in God alone,
 D       Bm          A
Amid the world's temptations.
     D             G      D 
When evil seeks to take a hold,
     D        G     A D
I'll cling to my salvation.

       G                      D
Though riches come and riches go
      G        Bm     Asus4 A
Don't set your heart upon   them
    D                 G       D        
The fields of hope in which I sow
    D     G      A  D
Are harvested in Heaven


-VERSE 3------------------------------------------------

     D              G    D
I'll set my gaze on God alone,
    D        Bm      A      
And trust in Him completely.
     D              G      D 
With every day pour out my soul,
    D       G         A  D
And He will prove His mercy.

       G                      D
Though life is but a fleeting breath.
  G        Bm      Asus4 A
A sigh too deep to mea---sure.
   D                    G        D
My King has crushed the curse of death,
    D    G       A D
And I am His for-e-ver.



  G             Bm 
O praise Him! O praise Him!
     Asus4       G
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

{Chorus x2}

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