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Aaron Freeman - Covert Discretion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Aaron Freeman - Covert Discretion - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Covert Discretion
Aaron Freeman
Covert Discretion
Aaron Freeman
Freeman (2014)

Intro riff:
    Em       G7M      C      G        C       G      A7     D

    Em       G7M      C        G       C       G        A7
    Covert Discretion  in the hotel    ain't it always   same?
                        room                 the

Em      G7M      C       G          C        G      A7
Another gig now, got an achin' head, and I'm back on display
Em       G7M  
Ain't no thing, though
C           G      C    G        A7
All the fans agree:  We killed it tonight
Em          G7M    C       G    C       G          A7
Back at the hotel, watching CNN, still scared for my life    

    B7                 Em    D    C
     So where is the   party going  on?

B7              Em      D     C
It's no fair to make me stay alone

Em          G7M      C        G          C        G        A7
Down in the lobby, there's a couple left, have them buy me a round
Em       G7M          C       G          C       G             A7
I'm your best friend, I'm your superstar, yeah I'm down with the brown
Em        G7M       C       G           C        G          A7
We in the bathroom, let's be super-cool, you got a little bit left
Em     G7M            C       G           C      G           A7
What a special thing, I'm your trophy boy, get the fuck out my face

B7       Em      D    C
You will go home satisfied
B7              Em      D       C
And I'll be blacked out for the night

Em     G7M     C      G         C      G          A7
In the morning I can't remember, I can't remember a thing
Em         G7M      C         G          C        G          A7
I'm on the bus now, they won't look at me, man it's always the same
Em    G7M     C   G             C        G            A7
I'm a-broken, why can't you see? Can't you give me your hand?
Em         G7M      C      G         C        G          A7
No I'm the bad guy, don't appreciate, don't you know who I am?

B7             Em  D       C
I'm on my last leg I can't see
B7                 Em   D    C
I wasn't trying to blow your fantasy

Em      G7M         C         G           C       G
Another chance now, I'm on the stage again but this time I don't

E|------(rake, let ring)
Em           G7M      C           G     C       G       A7
You all just left me, just walked away, alone up there to die
Em         G7M            C      G      C     G       A7
It was the next day got a couple calls making sure I'm alive
Em            G7M       C    G          C        G        A7
Man you gotta end this, just walk away, your money or your life

B7               Em        D       C
So save your judgments for someone else
B7                Em       D       C
And be grateful I saved me from myself

C   (x35553)

G                        E
Fuck you all, I've got a reason to live
        Am          D
And I'm never gonna die
(x4 with solo)

End cold on D 4th time.
Добавлено: 18.06.2015
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