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Aaron Carter - Thats How i Beat Shaq - текст песни, видео

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Aaron Carter - Thats How i Beat Shaq - текст песни, видео

Просмотров: 378
Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Авторы: Josh Schwartz, Brian Kierulf

And it goes
And it goes
And it goes a little something like this
(hit it)

Yo guys check it out guess what happened to me
Another crazy story cmon AC
I was hangin at the court just playin some ball
Workin on my game (ya we heard it all)
I heard the fans screaming
I thought it was for me
But then i saw a shadow it was 12 foot 3
It was shaquille oneal (what what he say)
How bout some one on one ya wanna play?
I told him why not
I got some time
But when i beat you real bad
Try not to cry (please aaron are you for real? one on one with shaquille oneal?
Ya 34 center from the la lakers (you must have been nervous?)
I knew i could take him
Starin at shaq
Psyche him out
Said oneal your in my house now
Start the game
The whistle blows
Pay attention close as the story goes.........

Its like boom
I put it in the hoop like slam
I heard the crowd screaming out jam
I swear that im telling you the facts
Cause thats how i beat shaq
(repeat 1x)

So check it out
I thought i had the lead
But then he started scoring mad points on me
I was throwqing up bricks (was he hitting all the shots)
I knew there was a way i could make it stop
I had a plan that could change the pace
I said yo shaq you didnt tie your shoelace
Huh? he looked down i stole the ball
Im takin him to school now
Watch me allllllll
Three pointer nothin but net
Come on shaq
Had enough yet
Down by two
Im catchin up
I guess he gettin nervous
Cause he only luck


Dunk after dunk
Jam after jam
Cheerleaders are cheerin
Aarons the man
Dunk after dunk
Jam after jam
Cheerleaders are cheerin
Aarons the man

And ????? were shot
Couldnt believe it was real
-i cant belive a kid just stuffed oneal-
One more second was all that remained
I put the ball up
I put him to shame
I must admit that it sounds real crazy
But the ball went in
And he cried like a baby
Sorry shaq i should have let you win
Your good too
And we could still be friends
Fans went nuts they put me on their shoulders
Then i heard a voice and it sounded like my mothers

Get up for school
Your gonna be late
Mom, cant you see im playing a game
-how can you be playing if your still in bed?
Are you getting sick?
Did you hit your head?-
Aww man
Добавлено: 11.03.2012
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