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Aaron Carter - Oh Aaron - текст песни, видео

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Aaron Carter - Oh Aaron - текст песни, видео

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Well I guess the best way
For me to begin is
The other day
I was hangin' with some friends
Goin' round the room
Talkin' 'bout our favourite noise
So I said I had a brother
In the Backstreet Boys
So everyone screamed
Hey is this some kinda trick?
Yeah, which one is it?
The blond one, Nick
Then the cutest girl said

I have to see their show
But I have no ticket, Aaron
How can I go?

Your wish is my command
See it's no problem, hon
In fact, I'll get some tickets
Here for everyone
All I gotta do
Is just pick up the celly
And it's a done deal
Let me call Nick
And tell him

By the way, Aaron,
If you could while you're at it
Could you hook up some seats
For my friends and my parents?

So I said to myself
"Well, heck, why not
There's nothing that can beat
The connnection I got"

Aaron, oh Aaron
What are you going to do?
You're making up promises
Oh so big
How can you make it
Come true
Aaron, oh Aaron
What are we going to
With you
You always are making
A bigger mistake
How can you make it
Come true

(Phone dialing and ringing)


Hey Nick, I need a favour
From you, dude
I promised people tickets
So you gotta come through

Sure, bro
How many do you need?

One, two, uh 3003?

I can get you
Maybe a dozen
You can't promise seats
To everyone and their cousin
What did you do?
How'd you get in this mess?

I was talkin' to this girl and

Hold ya breath
I know the rest
Guess you better
Get youself
A whole lotta money

For 3000 tickets?
Man, that isn't funny
How am I supposed to
Pull that off
In so little time?
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