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Aaron Carter - Im All About You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Aaron Carter - Im All About You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Im All About You
Aaron Carter
Tabed by Jens Carlsson, dedicated to Maria Murliantini
Aaron Carter - I'm all about you
Intro: C  G Am G
F                  G          Am           
There's somethin' I've got to say
F             G                            
You're always with me            
Even though, you're far away
F          G         Am                       
Talkin to you on my cell             
Just the sound of your voice
   E                                                           Makes my heart melt       
    F             G
Oh girl, well it's true
I'm all about you

I'm all about us
No baby, you never
Have to question my love
          C                    G
And every night there's a new crowd
                F               E
But it's always you I'm singing about
There is only one
      G                   F
These words are going out to
    G                  C
Oh girl, I'm all about you
C               G
I'm all about you X3

Verse 2(same tab as verse 1)
I know you worry sometimes
Some other girl will
Make me forget you're mine
There's not a doubt in this world
That anyone could take
The place of my number one girl
It's true
I'm all about you

After Chorus this:
When I close my eyes I can see you
It's like your right here
And this feeling only getting stronger
Your with me everywhere

Chorus with   D A  Bm  A  D  A  G  A  D A Bm A D

                                                                    D                                  A 
Outro: I'm all about you I'm all about you I'm all 
 G    A
Добавлено: 09.04.2012
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