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A Very Potter Sequel - Harry Freakin Potter - аккорды и текст, видео

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A Very Potter Sequel - Harry Freakin Potter - аккорды и текст, видео

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Harry Freakin Potter
A Very Potter Sequel
Harry Freakin' Potter

Feel free to correct this.

Intro: F (strum dudududu for the intro)

You're Harry Freakin' Potter!
You don't understand
you're a legend, man,
to us all!
Every son and daughter-- "SAFE!"
... From You-Know-Who,
all because of you!
You were small,
_____F_______________Esus4 E
but I wonder if you can recall...

Long story short,
this guy,
was super cruel...
"Voldemort?" gasp "SHHH!!!"

... Tried to kill you & your parents,
__Em____________Dm______________F G
and this is where it gets intensely cool...
Even though you were a tiny little boy,
you shoulda died but you survived and then destroyed
this evil guy and it's story we enjoy to tell....

You're Harry Freakin' Potter!
We don't prefer Gandalf,
Merlin, or Oz,
You're a whole lot hotter!
With that lighting scar,
you're a superstar to us all!
__________F_______________________Esus4 E
If we're in trouble we know who to call!

A E D E (however many times you want)

You're Harry Freakin' Potter!
I wouldn't wince at all,
you're invincible to all harm!
Like betty crocker--[Oooh!]
... I wanna eat you up!
No one'll beat you up
with that charm!
Remember, Harry, kid,
you're the Boss,
you're the King,
you're the Bomb!

But this is all so sad,
I mean, my Mom and Dad
___________C#m______E F#
were killed, long ago...
... I wanna be psyched,
but being unliked
___C#m_______E F#
is all I know...

I never thought I'd be a part of such a fate,
an opportunity eleven years late...
I guess it's time for me step up to the plate
and show 'em that I'm something great!

I'm Harry Freakin' Potter!
I'll do what I can
if what you say I am is true!
I can't be bothered
by my awful past,
I've found at last
something I can do,
so it's time I knew
exactly who I am...

___Ab____________A Bb
I'm Harry Freakin' Potter!

______Ab____________A Bb
You're Harry Freakin' Potter!
___________Ab________A Bb
I'm/You're Harry Freakin' Potter--
______________Eb (hold for 8 counts) Ab A Bb Ab A Bb
... And I'm the Man!

Добавлено: 31.07.2012
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