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88 Fingers Louie - Slow Chorus Overlap - аккорды и текст, видео

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88 Fingers Louie - Slow Chorus Overlap - аккорды и текст, видео

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Slow Chorus Overlap
88 Fingers Louie
Hey, found only one other partial tab of this on the internet and thought it 
deserved a full work up because this song is awesome.

It's in standard tuning, pretty much all the chords are standard five chords.  I 
can't decide if the verse has Ab5's and Db5's in it or if it is Ab/A and Db/D 
(pictured below) - I'll leave that up to you.  I get a little lost in the bridge 
because I'm transcribing on an acoustic and so I can't quite get the sound to 
match the way I want it to, I welcome comments on that bit.

Ab5 vs Ab/A 

Here's the song

(Drum Riff)
A5 B5 C#5 A5 Ab5 F#5 F#5(root 5) E5(r5) D5 E5 x2 A5 then hit harmonics

A5                      Ab/A
Bleary eyes take me downtown.
8pm another round.
    D5          Db/D         B5
Alcoholic conversation is the best thing that i've found.
         A5              Ab/A      F#5  
Am i the one you came to see? Cause the first round's on me. 
        D5                 Db/D         B5
When we close the bar i'll stumble home eventually. 

A5         B5  C#5       A5 Ab/A  F#5      
Right now      you're    my        frown. 
F#5(r5) E5      D5             E5    A5
        I can't think to clear right now.
B5 C#5     A5 Ab/A F#5      F#5(r5)E5   D5     E5 
   You're  my       frown    ri-----ight now.

A5           Ab/A  A5                Ab/A     F#5
I come alive          to the sound of clinking  
                    E(open)        D5   Db/D
glass. I swear i'll be home soon, not now. 
A5               Ab/A  F#5
     Not a word, not a  sound.
     E                  A(6 
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